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Mark taboo
The following signs shall not be used as trademarks:
1. People's Republic of China National name, national flag, national emblem, military flag, or decorations are identical or similar, as well as the seat of Central Government specific location name or landmark name, graphic the same;
2. With foreign countries, national flag, national emblem, military flag identical or similar, except with the consent of the Government;
3. Intergovernmental international organization with the names, flags, emblems of the same or similar, but that organization except with the consent or unlikely to mislead the public;
4. And shows that the implementation of controls, to guarantee the official logo, test marks are identical or similar, except as authorized by;
5. With the "Red Cross" and "Red Crescent", signs identical with or similar to the name of of;
6. With national discrimination;
7. Exaggerated advertising and deceptive;
8. Those detrimental to Socialist morals or other adverse effects.
names as the administrative divisions at or above the county level public awareness of foreign place names shall not be used as trademarks. However, the names have other meanings or, as a collective
trademarks, certification marks part except for using names of already registered shall continue to be valid.


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