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Ø &Nbsp; the China famous brand,  

Ø   the quality, service and credit AAA (brand) of enterprise  

Ø   of the well-known brand in China  

Ø   China Products  

Ø   China famous

Ø   quality prestige double safeguard demonstration unit

Ø   of the State-authority-inspected quality product

Ø   of the consumer satisfaction with the famous brand in China

Ø   the national conformity assessment of quality trustworthy product

Ø   of the national industry product quality fair top ten brands

Ø   the Chinese consumer to be assured of quality reliable products

Ø   of the national product quality inspection qualified enterprise products

Ø &Nbsp; public trust in China brand

Ø   standards - of high-tech products  

Ø   of the science and technology innovation Advanced Unit of national quality management

Ø   the national industries of new technology, new product model (product) of base

Ø   national quality supervision and testing of qualified national quality trustworthy product

Ø   of the green mark product certification  

Ø   of the Chinese green environmental protection product

Ø   of the international Green Industry Association member units

Ø   of the industry's top ten influential brands in China

Ø   of the outstanding enterprises of national social responsibility  

Ø   the national outstanding entrepreneur of social responsibility,

Ø   of the green building materials in China

Ø &Nbsp; the innovation of science and technology of green products

Ø   China construction recommended products (units)    

Ø   the national consumer satisfaction brand in the industry,

Ø   of the national product quality after-sales service satisfaction unit

Ø   user without complaint the national market brand  

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