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Shoe love sword and medals of fake brand trademark caution

Shenzhen Proview IPAD trademark dispute with Apple, basketball superstar Michael Jordan sued the upcoming IPO of Michael Jordan Sports malicious violate their right to a name, and then to the United States surfaced by the Chinese NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin hit "Jeremy" the holder of trademark sunrise in Wuxi sports Ltd, trademark become a hot topic in media and public opinion in recent days. But some companies positive trademark behavior does not represent the trademark status of Chinese companies. Chinese enterprises in overseas experience, for example, Chinese enterprises go out repeatedly in the process of being subjected to trademark problems, you can eat a great deal. In September 2004, Hisense "HiSense" trademarks are Siemens registered in Europe in July 2006, Beijing wangzhihe food group "disc and" trademark, Germany registered OK food import and export company; Association for "Legend" trademarks being registered in foreign countries, and had to use the "Lenovo" trademark, and spend heavily to promote.
in fact, Chinese businesses have also suffered far more than these three. For a long time, on trademark registrations, overseas enterprises in China is much lower than foreign enterprises in China.
even at home, the trademark has not been sufficient attention to domestic enterprises. In traditional shoe industry, for example, in 2011, a survey, accounted for half of the shoe market in Wenzhou, China, surveyed in 2000 shoe, has submitted to the departments of industry and commerce under 30% of the trademark registration, "has been a registered trademark" of only 221. Official figures from the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office confirms this: as of September 2011, the China trademark valid registration at about 5 million, ranking first in the world. However, all kinds of market entities in China average of only 10% valid registered trademarks, that is an average of ten market only has a valid registered trademarks. Thus, corporate brand awareness in China needs to be improved.
trademark consciousness in contrast with most companies, the speculation is part of the enterprise in the field of trademarks. In the birthplace of Michael Jordan Sports----China sports shoes and clothing Jinjiang city of Fujian, and "Bryant sports", "Yao Ming", "Yi" and other brands, and these brands not associated with the star. In addition, there are plenty of health step, shell step, a sharp step, step, step, new quality step, steady step, follow the "Anta" brand, this "free rider" branding popular in Jinjiang, Jinjiang is only China's massive "Cottage" a microcosm of corporate groups. In the above-mentioned survey of furniture enterprises in Guangdong, 76% of enterprises also have been split "foreign brands", and alongside other "famous trademark" or a "well-known trade mark" impulses.
of course, as a business competitive strategies and business models, and trademark are reasonable, but are in the early stage of brand development of Chinese companies, speculation of trademarks are trifles, is worrying. On one hand, the "Cottage" to "made in China" have a negative impact on the image of, is not conducive to guide enterprises to pursue innovation on the other, "Michael Jordan Sports" shortsighted, future development buried the great risk to the enterprise, leading to future market and expand abroad are exposed to greater risks in the process.
I think the strategy of Chinese enterprises in the field of trademarks shall take protective, early in the brand, through specialized agencies establish a sound trademark strategy of intellectual property, in domestic and international trademark registration system, avoid trademark was registered after big embarrassment of forced price to redeem. In addition, Chinese enterprises should focus on how to build up the brand, rather than trying to go legal wire blog host, nor should we expect by trademark Act for profit.
in the process of branding, trademarks are based, has a valid trademark is the first step to build a brand, but with the trademark does not mean that brand. Brand (brand) derives from the ancient Norway "brandr" in Chinese means "brand." From the perspective of modern view of branding and brand in the consumer's mind on the "brand". In the process leading to the consumer mind, trademark is only a valid passport. To impress consumers eventually, winning the trust and loyalty of consumers, a good brand, needs unremitting efforts. Just hoping for a good brand name became a brand, it would be absurd, the trademark will feel good enough.
at the brand level, even though we are a trademark powers, but also not a trademark powers, the weaker brands of Chinese enterprises. Although we have brands like Lenovo, Haier and Huawei, but on the whole, Chinese brands are very rare, especially compared with Europe and other developed countries, both the number of brands or brand influence, the gap is very large.
the reason, because Chinese companies rely on OEM manufacturing for a long time, many enterprises to establish its own brand of power and lack of experience. In build brand of when, or ignored trademark interests, no enough of trademark consciousness; or sword go slant, through near "Ocean brand" or imitation standard, way to follow-up development buried Xia hidden; or products and design with quality of, by price and non-innovation win; or marketing Shang too rely on dealer, channel change insufficient; or lack system of brand strategy and planning, too rely on "Star endorsements + advertising put" of single mode, not at using multiple of brand construction means, makes brand construction cost continued higher.
closed meditation, brand is the brand behind the problem. Chinese enterprises are facing a transition period, both the domestic market and in the foreign market, the brand will become the core of enterprises participate in market competition. Therefore, focusing on trademark heat at the same time, should not lose sight of the problems faced in the process of Chinese Enterprise brand of thinking.

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