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Fanshi: trademarks leading industry brands to get rich the people

Yao Yutian had processed tofu is produced from our own, because no "brand" sales, hard earn about 3000 Yuan a year. Since fanshi Bureau help its established has professional cooperatives and registered has "dashengyuan" trademark Hou, products sales obviously increased, and sales also widened has, sold Beijing, and Liaoning and the province within around City County, income than yiqian turned has two times more fanshi is a typical of agricultural County, by traditional agricultural business concept of effect, many enterprise and farmers of trademark consciousness not strong, led many advantage products long-term in "raised in purdah no general" of position. For change trademark work lag of status, the County business sector based resources advantage, highlight industry features and economic development features, put foster pillar industry, and support industries, and upgrade traditional industry, determine for advance trademark brand strategy implementation of main direction, efforts in foster agricultural trademark and features products trademark Shang effort, guide Enterprise striving for famous, and famous trademark, and increased trademark proprietary right of protection efforts, effective curb has trademark infringement behavior.
at present, the County's ownership of a registered trademark of up to 96, with Shanxi province 4, registered trademark of success, fame and the utilization rate increased, the County set off a wave of attention trademark, foster brand sentiment.

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